What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Axis Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Bill Bolinger


Neck Pain

A Co-worker told me about Chiropractic because I was having a lot of pain in my neck.

It was affecting my daily activities because I had a pop in my shoulder and numbness in my fingers.

I noticed improvement the very next day. I felt things that I hadn’t felt in a long time. I now have more energy, movement is less restricted and I am sleeping better.

My wife noticed how much better I was feeling and is now under Chiropractic care too.

I would definitely recommend Chiropractic care to others.

Dr. Bollinger is informative, inspiring and took care of me right away.

- Ernie A.

Auto Accident / Sports

I came into the office after being involved in an auto accident.

My life was turned up side down. I could no longer play volleyball, I was visiting my primary doctor two and three times a week. I had pain that wouldn’t go away so I couldn’t be active and I gained weight and basically felt terrible.

Since I started Chiropractic care, I have increased range of motion where I couldn’t even lift my arm above my shoulder. The pain has also decreased.

I can sit at work longer and play volleyball again.

My advice to anyone is, “go straight to Chiropractic care”. Don’t wait until the MD’s have prescribed drugs that cover up the pain so you injure yourself more. See a Doctor of Chiropractic first so the healing process can begin at once.

- Teri H.

Duchenne Muscular Distrophy

My son was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Distrophy and he was having a hard time getting around.

After about two weeks we noticed a little difference in his back. He was actually walking more straight.

I would recommend Chiropractic care to others.

- Prajeet B.

Low Back, Neck Pain and Arm Numbness

I am a carpenter by trade and noticed my grip was fading on my left hand, I’m right handed so I figured it wouldn’t get in the way too much. Then one day I lost the handle on a piece of wood that was in the saw and nearly lost a few fingers because of it. Come to think of it, I had stopped doing some of the things I enjoy.

I decided to give Chiropractic a try and was referred to Discover Chiropractic by my aunt. After my very first adjustment I noticed an improvement. I was able to get through the first day of not having any numbness in my arm.

After some continued Chiropractic care I have more energy and I am feeling better about life.

It is nice finally to have a Doctor that treats you as a person; he actually cares about my overall wellness. It seems like the other doctors just to give you something to make the pain go away.

Like my Aunt said, “Dr. Bollinger is a miracle worker”.

- Mike C.

Migraines and Heartburn

I am 23 years old, and for the last 10 years or so I have been ailed by migraines and heartburn. In the beginning I had gone from doctor to doctor about my migraines, was prescribed prescription after prescription, none of which worked, until I was at the point of taking medications as strong as Percocet and Vicodin to relieve myself of the pain. Of course after time I became immune to the relief that the medications momentarily created. The doctors never explained the reasoning behind my headaches or the heartburn.

For years I have been taking antacids to relieve the heartburn and had given up on taking medication for my headaches because of the immunity I had created for myself, not to mention that I knew what I was doing to the rest of my body due to the acetaminophen. I had almost given up hope on ever feeling better, and accepted the fact that I would forever need to take an antacid once or twice a day.

Then I met Dr. Bollinger.

I have learned more from Dr. Bill about my own body and ailments than I have from years of visiting my primary care doctor. After seeing x-rays and results of certain tests given by Dr. Bill, and his wonderful way of explaining things so thoroughly with words that anyone can understand, I now have the answers to my questions that all other doctors have simply and aggravatingly avoided.

I have been visiting Dr. Bill 3 times a week for about a month now and in that short amount of time the medication I take on a weekly basis has been vastly decreased. Instead of getting a migraine on a daily basis, as I have been accustomed to, I seem to just get a couple a week. My heartburn, though it is still present, has also decreased. In the past 2 weeks I have taken 4 antacid pills, that’s equivalent to 2 days worth of medication before I became a patient of Dr. Bill’s.

My visits with Dr. Bill are much more than just simply about adjusting my joints. My attitude gets adjusted each time as well. I am not 100% healthy just yet, but I know that I am on the right track. Through positive self talk, at home exercises, and my visits with Dr. Bill I have hope again that I will NOT have to rely on medication forever. Not only do I feel better already, I have much more knowledge as to the “why” behind it all.

Thanks Dr. Bill, for everything!

- Jessica K.

Quality of Life

I never really felt very good; I had headaches and had no energy. I had gone to a Chiropractor in the past but only on an as needed basis. I began experiencing neck and back pain and decided to try a new Chiropractor.

My daughter told me about Dr. Bollinger, his approach sounded different than the others I had been to, so I started my care with him.

Our house is where every holiday is celebrated. For years it would take me a few days to physically recover form cooking and entertaining and cleaning up afterwards. Since I have been seeing Dr. B I have had remarkable improvement in how I feel. I have more energy, no headaches and able to do a lot more of the activities I love, and I can do them longer.

In general I am back to my normal routine of exercising, sewing for long periods of time and bowling.

Be patient and stick with your program and you will see results.

- Candi C.

Low Back Pain

I first heard about Chiropractic through my neighbor Dr. Bollinger. I had been suffering from low back pain for a while.

It came to the point were it was interfering with soccer and my daily activities. I noticed improvement the very next day.

I did notice other changes in my health, my sinuses are clearer and I get over colds much faster now…apparently I was a wreck! Now my entire family sees Dr B on a regular basis.

- Deepak C.

Neck and Back Pain

I belong to a women’s networking group and Dr. B came to speak and I was amazed at what he talked about.

Shortly thereafter, I was involved in an automobile accident and was in terrible pain in my neck and back. I couldn’t bend over, turn or touch my toes. It was also impossible to pick up my grand-kids.

It took a few adjustments before I began to feel relief, but I know this will take some time.

After explaining what Dr. B was doing for me, my kids have shown interest in seeing him.

I want to say thank you for caring so much, you have explained so much about how my body works. No other doctor has taken the time to tell me things I have heard here.

Thank you very much!

- Deneen H.

Asthma and Migraines

I met Dr. Bill at the Gym. I would ask him a lot questions and his answers just made sense. I liked what he had to tell me so I took my family in to see him.

I would have two or three migraines a week, taking six to ten ibuprofen tablets a day. I had asthma, using Albuteral inhalers four times a day, four puffs each time. I was in constant pain with my migraines and wired from the Albuteral, what a mess.

Dr. B taught me how to live a healthy positive lifestyle. I am more in tune with my body and how to live a more stress free life. Now that I am healthy, I can work in the heat without a migraine or asthma. I ride my motorcycle everyday without discomfort. I can stand on concrete for work without discomfort and have more energy during the day and I sleep better at night.

I consider Dr. B my doctor, friend, coach, teacher and mentor. I look forward to seeing him every week. I will receive Chiropractic care for the rest of my life.

Chiropractic is for everyone. It’s something that should be added to all of our lives to help us feel, work and live better.

- Reese F.

Diabetes and Improved Vision

My parents were going to Dr. B and they told me a little bit about what Chiropractic could do. I have diabetes and I am visually impaired. After about Six months of Chiropractic care my vision noticeably improved and my diabetes is under better control. Dr. B has informed me of many things to improve my health. He has also given me a better outlook on life. Before I just tried to maintain my health and it was a struggle. I am able to see better and I tend to have more energy. My blood sugar levels have also improved. I say give Chiropractic a shot. I have seen many improvements in my medical conditions as well as the improved health of my parents. As Dr. B says “Feeling good is not a sign that nothing is wrong”.

- Joey I.

Auto Accident and Quality of Life

I started Chiropractic care after an automobile accident. The accident caused me back and neck pain. It was interfering with my softball hitting and throwing, but after about three weeks I noticed improvement. The funny thing is I notice that I am less stressed and have more patience with my kids and at work. My performance in the GYM and on the ball field also improved. I think two of my co-workers will be calling you. Thank you Dr. B for helping me understand my body and its spinal relationship with the rest of my health. I will continue coming in and I am extremely thankful.

-Russ G.

Neck Pain, Lower Back and Foot Problems

I was born to a chiropractic father and grew up with chiropractic care. I had been to many different doctors over the years because my father is not in the area. I met Dr. B and decided to come for the pain I had in my neck, lower back and foot. I was experiencing headaches and was limping because of my foot. After about two weeks of adjustments things started to feel better and my foot doesn’t hurt at all. I’d never had my feet adjusted. My lower back is still giving me problems, but I know I just need some more time. I always recommend chiropractic to others.

- Sheri F.